Hypnotherapy for Conception

Studies show that hypnosis can double the success rate of IVF.  Hypnotherapy helps fertility in multiple ways.

First, just the process of going into hypnosis moves the body from the state of fight or flight to a restorative state.  In this restorative state, blood flows through the whole body and it’s circulation boosts the reproductive, digestive, and immune systems.

Secondly, with hypnotherapy we give customized and specific instructions to the body on how we want it to act.  If your doctor or medical team have specific instructions such as for scar tissue to break up or certain hormones to increase we can give the body that instruction or we can give the instructions for a supportive system during implantation and through the pregnancy.

Third, with hypnotherapy we can receive feedback in the form of messages from the body on what is needed and how best to support the healthy pregnancy and support the body to be healthy for pregnancy.  Morning sickness is the message on what the body wants you to not eat, instead we can set up a different signal or way to give you messages.

Fourth, we give suggestions about a calm and relaxed state to both the body and mind to relax and allow the body to do what it naturally wants to do.


Hypnotherapy for Conception
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