Hypnotherapy Emerges as Trend for 2016

Hypnotherapy is set to be an emerging trend in 2016. Every year, more and more people are seeing the benefits of altered states such as meditation. While this trend continues, people’s minds are also continuing to juggle a million things, making it difficult to concentrate on clearing the mind. Hypnotherapy gives people the benefits of the meditative state while giving their mind things to do while in this state.

We all go into hypnosis naturally every day when we are doing a task out of habit and our conscious mind does not need to pay attention—like when we are driving home through a route we are comfortable with, or reading a book and shutting out the rest of the world. This state allows us to access our subconscious mind to change the programming located there.

Our mind has the conscious level—that’s the running monologue in our heads we are aware of, including analysis, reasoning, logic, will, volition, etc. We also have the subconscious level, which includes memories, emotions, imagination, automatic functions of the body, programming, and so on. In between these two is the filter, called the critical factor. This factor develops between the ages of seven & 11; after that time, when an idea comes in, it checks the subconscious programming to see if this idea “fits.” If the idea does, it allows it in to reinforce our beliefs. If it does not, then it kicks it back to the conscious for more analysis. In this way, our mind only allows into our subconscious what “fits” with our programming, making it difficult to change thought patterns, behaviors, and more.

During hypnosis, the critical factor is relaxed, giving us direct access to the subconscious. We use this state to put in positive suggestions (called suggestion therapy) or to analyze and change why we have the programming we do (called analytical hypnotherapy). Similarly, in meditation, the critical factor is relaxed, allowing us to “quiet the mind” by turning off the chatter of the conscious. Both hypnosis and meditation move the body from sympathetic fight or flight to a parasympathetic restorative state. This allows the body to rebalance, increasing the functions of the immune system, the digestive system, the reproductive system, and more.

If you are someone who has to get the most out of every second, and can get your mind into the meditative state but have difficulty staying there, try hypnotherapy. You can look up self-hypnosis guides or follow an audio recording, but the best way is to find a certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist in your area. Look for someone who is trained by medical professionals in a classroom setting and is proud to talk about their certification process. You want someone who knows a variety of different processes and inductions that will allow them to help anyone with any problem.

Hypnosis and meditation both have increased benefits and are easier to do the more you practice. In 2016, try both, get the benefits of both, and pass on this trend to your friends! Tracing Your Path, LLC is located in Somerville, N.J. Check us out on the web to find more information and to contact us with any questions www.TracingYourPath.com. To find a medical support clinical hypnotherapist in your area, check out www.internationalboardofhypnotherapy.com and search.

Hypnotherapy Emerges as Trend for 2016
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