Speaking engagements

Traci is available to speak  on the mind, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, anxiety, self-care, and a variety of topics to your group or organization.   To have Traci speak at your next function or to organize a hypnosis night in your home, contact Traci below or give her a call, (732) 595-2370.  For more information on Traci’s next event or talk, email us, click over to our blog, or check our Facebook page.  These are just a few examples of talks and lectures.  Please note that Traci will also work with you to create a talk to fit your clientele’s needs.



MIND BODY CONNECTION: “Every impression on your mind has an expression on your body.” In this talk, Traci will explain how the mind body connection works.  We will explore how your thoughts impact your body and behaviors and how you create your own experiences from this.  We will also discuss how you can enhance your health and healing with visualizations and positive thoughts.  We will end with time for questions.


INTRO TO THE MIND: REPROGRAMMING YOUR MIND TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS: Would you like to program your mind to be in line with your goals?  Traci will demystify how the mind works, how thoughts impact your body, and how hypnotherapy gives you control over your thoughts and emotions. This talk will explain the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds, explain how to use this knowledge to guide your mind towards your goals, and end with time for questions.


ANXIETY & THE MIND: It is estimated that 75% of all ailments that lead to doctor’s visit are due to stress and anxiety.  Does anxiety control your life?  Traci will explain how anxiety affects your mind, body, and behaviors and what you can do to take back control and achieve peace.


INTRO TO HYPNOTHERAPY: Have you ever wondered how hypnotherapy works? Does the hypnotist really have control over people’s minds? Can you make me cluck like a chicken?  If you have ever wondered about the truth about hypnosis, this talk is for you.  Traci will explain the science behind hypnotherapy, debunk the myths associated with hypnosis, and answer any other questions you may have.


OVERCOMING TEST ANXIETY: Many students are plagued by doubts about their test-taking abilities.  In this talk, Traci will discuss how these limiting beliefs affect the mind and subsequently the students abilities and how to reverse these limiting beliefs to achieve success.  [This talk can also be expanded into 2 parts with another part on focus and concentration.]


SELF-HYPNOSIS WORKSHOP: In this 3 part series, Traci will teach attendees how to hypnotize themselves for relaxation, and to achieve their goals.  In part 1, we will discuss how the mind works and what exactly hypnosis is.  In part 2, we will get into the process of self-hypnosis and how to achieve the state of trance.  In the final part, we will discuss how to create positive suggestions and good visualizations in line with your goals.