My specialty is helping people with anxiety and support with medical ailments.  I can also help with a variety of goals.  Feel free to call me to discuss your specific situation.

Hypnotherapy is not a regulated profession.  There are people with a 10 hour online certification and people like me with over 1,000 classroom hours with medical professionals.  It is hard for an insurance company to cover.  However, many of my clients have had success getting reimbursed for sessions with a doctor’s prescription for hypnotherapy submitted along with my invoice to their insurance company.  You can also use your HSA for reimbursement.  Call your insurance provider to double check.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length.  Each session, we are doing a different customized process to best serve your needs.  Typically, we talk first, then either reinforce positive programming with suggestion therapy or get more information from your subconscious using analytical hypnotherapy using the right process in each session for your goal.  We end with a debrief and review homework for you to do to further solidify our work.

The amount of sessions depends on the person and obstacles that come up, but my clients have the best results with an average of eight sessions.

Yes.  I offer a variety of talks and workshops .  Call me to schedule a talk on your desired topic at your organization, school, club, group, or event.  Please see the speaking engagement page for examples of talks I have given.

Call me to discuss your specific goals and questions at (732) 595-2370.